George Washington David Gordon Green

George Washington David Gordon Green

David Gordon Green began his directing career with lyrical low-budget Southern Gothic dramas like George Washington (2000), All the Real Girls (2003) and Undertow (2004). He then surprised many by.

When David Gordon Green and I finish our chat. also known as the boss at Sam’s BBQ. Green, director of such critically acclaimed movies as "George Washington" and "All the Real Girls," is being.

Johnnie “Blue” Gardner, an actor from Winston-Salem who has appeared in such films as David Gordon Green’s “George Washington,” Nathan Ross Freeman’s “Mr. Bones,” “Kiss the Girls” with Morgan Freeman,

One of our least pretentious filmmakers, David Gordon Green. and “The Sitter” (2008), Green actually gets away with it. In the early 2000s, Green planted himself on the map with coming-of-age.

Scott Clayton and his Oceanside Media have come on board to produce and fully finance action-adventure movie “One in the Chamber,” written by David Gordon Green. career writing and directing.

It’s kind of fitting that Cage would find at least a bit of redemption in a movie directed by David Gordon Green. Kind of like Cage, Green is a director I root for. Green made his bones on a number of.

Danny McBride, left, as Kenny Powers in the David Gordon Green. George Washington his "real" style, and he is now just amusing himself and earning some cash with journeyman work in comedy before he.

He’s not yet 40, but director David Gordon Green has successfully juggled an interesting collection of studio comedies like "Pineapple Express," "The. Exclusive: Director David Gordon Green Talks.

David Wingo and David Gordon Green roll pretty deep. The composer scored the director’s first feature, “George Washington,” and the pair have collaborated numerous times over the years on “All the.

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Independent films like George Washington and All the Real Girls launched the career of director David Gordon Green before he moved on to raunchy comedies like Pineapple Express and Your Highness with.

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David Gordon Green has enjoyed an interesting ride in Hollywood, bursting on the scene with heavy dramas like “George Washington” and “Undertow” and then switching to the lighter side of filmmaking.

David Gordon Green was a breath of fresh air in the dwindling indie film scene when he broke through in 2000 with George Washington, a slow churning tragedy about a group of poor kids in rural North.

In a world of compromise, there’s always an exception. That truth also applies to “Prince Avalanche,” the first time in years that writer-director David Gordon Green (“George Washington,” “Your.

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Currently on the promo trail with his fantasy comedy Your Highness (due for release on the 13th April) talented and versatile filmmaker, David Gordon Green, has been chatting. affecting material.

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Director David Gordon Green sat down with us to talk about Snow Angels, his Sundance ’07 hit that is finally. I went back to make the feature version of the failure, which was George Washington —.

A dozen years ago, Nicolas Cage was still considered a serious actor and David Gordon Green was considered. this is a movie firmly in the tradition of Green’s initial trio of efforts — “George.

Here, though, Cage pretty well blends in with the largely non-professional cast assembled around him by director David Gordon Green, who harks back to the lyrical Southern gothic feel of his earliest.

Filmmaker David Gordon Green has had a deeply eclectic career of omnivorous. His body of work thus far has covered intimate indie dramas featuring children (“George Washington“), broad comedies.

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